When the trumpets sound

words and music by heinz-helmut jost-naujoks & ruthild wilson

© 2006 Creative Kirche Medien GmbH

Produktion: Send a revival
Veröffentlichung: 2006
Künstler: Helmut Jost & Gospelfire

Send a revival

When the saints go marching in
I wanna be there in that line.
When I hear that trumpet sounding
and You close the door of time.
I will pack up all the pieces
of a life that’s gone so fast
and carry them to heavens door
to meet with You at last.

When the trumpets sound,
I’ll be with You.
When the joy bells ring,
I’ll be by Your side.
When the angels sing,
I will see what I believed,
on that day You will carry home
Your bride.

Well, it’s no-one else’s business,
when all is said and done.
There were times
I stood my ground for You,
there were times I turned to run.
But let no-one point the finger,
let no-one cast the stone,
for the only key to heaven
is held by You alone.

I wanna be ready
when the trumpets sound.
I wanna be ready
when the joy bells ring.
I wanna be by Your side,
I wanna be by Your side.
I wanna be ready when You
carry home Your bride.


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