Restore my soul

words and music by heinz-helmut jost-naujoks & ruthild wilson

© 2001 Creative Kirche im Luther-Verlag, Bielefeld

Produktion: Gospel fire
Veröffentlichung: 2001
Künstler: Helmut Jost, David Thomas u.a.

Gospel fire

Heavenly love restore my soul.
Holy spirit, take control.
Come, send your rain, let it pour,
touch my heart and my soul once more.

Cause I don’t know, where else to go.
You’re the only one I know.
I don’t know, where else to go,
come, let your spirit flow.
Cause I don’t know,
where else to go, oh, Lord, let your spirit flow.

Heavenly love renew my heart,
don’t let my spirit fall apart.
Come, send your rain, make me whole.
Shower down on me, touch my soul.

Cause I don’t know...

A 1000 times I lost my way,
searching for someone to love.
Through my tears, I can see today,
the greatest love comes from above.

Cause I don’t know...


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