Nobody like Jesus

words and music by heinz-helmut jost-naujoks & ruthild wilson

© 2006 Creative Kirche Medien GmbH

Produktion: Send a revival
Veröffentlichung: 2006
Künstler: Helmut Jost & Gospelfire

Send a revival

There is nobody like,
nobody like Jesus.
You won’t find a friend like Him.
There is nobody like,
nobody like Jesus,
who is there by my side,
hears my call in the middle
of the night
and who helps me stand
and holds my hand.

I call Him in the night.
I call Him in my weakness.
There’s no-one else like Jesus,
who walks right by my side.

Even if darkness will surround me,
I hear Your voice so calm and clear,
telling me You will always love me.
I know I’m safe as long as You’re near.

I call Him in the night...

I know He walked upon the water.
I know He calmed the raging sea.
No-one can find a friend like Jesus,
He gave His life just right for me.

There’s nobody like Jesus,
nobody like the Lord.
Ain’t nobody do me like Jesus.


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