Move, spirit move

music by heinz-helmut jost-naujoks, words by ruthild wilson

© 1999 Felsenfest Musikverlag, Wesel

Produktion: Gospel celebration
Veröffentlichung: 1999
Künstler: Helmut Jost, David Thomas u.a.

Gospel Celebration

Move, Spirit move,
set my soul on fire
Move, Spirit move,
rain on me all day
Move, Spirit move,
like a Holy fire
Like a gentle touch,
come, fill my hearts desire

Lord, I'm thirsty for your love.
Send your Spirit from high above.
When my soul runs dry
and I don't know why.
I need strength to carry on.
Send your Holy spirit down,
down on me

Move, Spirit move...

Lord, you promised
to leave us a friend.
For to lead us,
be our defence.
He will dry our tears,
He will calm our fears,
be our strength to hold on to.
Send your Holy spirit down,
down on me.

Move, Spirit move...

Spirit,  holy spirit,
Holy spirit move, spirit move


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