Help me Lord

words and music by david thomas

© 2001 Creative Kirche im Luther-Verlag, Bielefeld

Produktion: Gospel fire
Veröffentlichung: 2001
Künstler: Helmut Jost, David Thomas u.a.

Gospel fire

Lord I’ll give to you
all that you ask of me.
Everything I own,
Lord it belongs to thee.
When in shame I walked,
on life’s stone cold streets.
You read my thoughts
and saw my need.
Now to you I plead.

Help me Lord
to do the best I can.
Teach me how
to love and understand.
Help me to life
by your holy word.
My life, Lord,
I lay it in your hands.

If I fail to live
a holy and righteous life.
Remind me of my shame,
misery and strife.
Never let me go
back to my sinful ways.
My aim and my desire, oh Lord,
Is to serve you till I die.

Help me Lord...


Help me Lord...


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