Deep river of love

music by heinz-helmut jost-naujoks, words by ruthild wilson

© 1999 Felsenfest Musikverlag, Wesel

Produktion: Gospel celebration
Veröffentlichung: 1999
Künstler: Helmut Jost, David Thomas u.a.

Gospel Celebration

Deep river of love,
flow right through my heart
Deep river of love,
sweet stream from above
Here I will rest,
 here I will grow
and be never thirsty again
Cause I tasted
the river of love

My soul runs dry
from the tears I cried
in my heart spread
a desert land
You said, come to the
living water
soothe your pain
in the river of love

Deep river of love...

I found the source
where the river's born
and I tasted
the water of life
Now my heart is a
blooming valley
cause it grows
in the river of love

Storms may come
and winds may blow
trying to tear me apart
I'll be strong in my
darkest hour
cause I'm safe
in the river of love

Deep river of love...


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